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Been lurking for about a year and just signed up in Dec. Tons of great info here and lots of knowledgeable replies to threads, so much so that I've always found answers to any questions I had just by searching so no need to ever start any threads. That all changed today because I just had to comment on one of the many Adams products that I have.


I got some of the All Purpose Cleaner in a package deal but hadn't used it yet as I was using up my old stuff first. Well today I was removing some tape residue from the front of my car with WD40 and noticed a lot of bug blood stains on my clear bra but the WD40 wouldn't take them off. I figured I would try the APC and see what that did. HOLY SMOKES! The Adams cleaner stripped all the bug blood and and guts off effortlessly, it even got a spot of bug blood that I thought was stained in to my clear bra and was going to be there forever.


In closing let me say I really love all the Adams products I have used so far and I have become a die hard supporter. Thanks to everyone here for making this such a great forum, I look forward to posting up some of my detailing stories in the future.:2thumbs:


Now I got to get back to cleaning the Vette.


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:welcomebanner: As a new member to i have to agree that these products are one surprise after another. Got my new towels, shampoo, detaiing spay and undercarriage spray. Hopefully one day ill get to use them when the rain decides to leave. So far i can tell you they smell great! And the towels are like pillows for your car
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