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Scranton PA here


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Hey all, jeff from scranton PA.


Toy - 09 G8 GT W/tons of stuff on it.

Daily - 11 Scion TC soon to be tons of stuff on it.


I have converted all my friends to the adams world. It's funny :D


cant wait to meet some of you all.

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Hi Rich,


I was actually at the Tri-state-tuners meet. I do want to make it to a clinic.


btw..ill just leave this here.




is that the fiberglass bumper? I SUPPOSEDLY have one merged from a stock Pontiac and the Holden welded together.. been waiting a while on it though..

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I know where it is, i know one of the bartenders.


Mayben- it is fiberglass.


I forgot to mention, looks BADBUTT lol


although thats implied being that I am waiting on the same bumper..

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