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Glass Sealant + Tint?



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These guys arent tough they just are overwhelmingly helpful. Joe you may want to add the premium shine kit to your next order. Oh yes you will have another to, just ask all the other addicts here. You wont be dissapointed especially with that paint you got.:thumbsup: Lookin at that pic those houses look familiar.

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Thanks for everything guys. Here is a pic that I took on the night of delivery. Unfortunately - it's been like a monsoon around here all week and I havent had much dry time outside of work to get better pics.


I will def post some more once I get some sun and Adam's shine on her.



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Wow, tough crowd. :hi:


When I watched the video on the site i *thought* I heard Adam say that the sealant could also be used on the inside as well to help keep it clean longer.


Joe, What kind of ride do you have?


Just picked up a 2011 Dodge Challenger - and just placed my first order for Adam's products last night after hearing great things on Charger Forums (my old car was a charger) and Challenger Talk.


Order Was:


1) Daily Special: Adam's Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner & Glass Sealant Combo w/ a FREE Bonus App and FREE Bonus Glass Towel

2) Adam's Car Wash Trio

3) Adam's Detail Spray Collection

4) Adam's Waterless Car Wash-16oz

5) Adam's In & Out Spray Dressing

6) Adam's Microfiber Waterless Wash Waffle Towels-2 Pack

7) Adam's Edgeless Microfiber Utility Towels-2 Pack

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Hey everyone. My vehicle has factory window tint. I know the glass cleaner is safe to use - but can I use the glass sealant on the windows if there is tint?


Thanks in advance.


Why would you want to apply the sealant to the inside of the windows?



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Since its used on the exterior its fine... our glass cleaner contains no alcohol or ammonia so you can use it safely on the inside. The sealant however does have some pretty harsh things in it so I'd say its probably not tint safe, but no need to use it there anyways. :cheers:

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