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My wife rocks


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For Mother's Day, my wife bought ME a new trunk liner for the Vette. This was the old one. It never fit right and the corners were all popped out, and we had tried and tried to fix it but nothing worked.




Now thanks to my wife, I have this. It took a lot of work becaust the previous one was anchored onto the bars. So when I removed it, I had to remove all the glue and junk that held it on, which also removed the paint. So I repainted it once I got it clean and it turned out okay. I think it looks a lot better.




She said it was because without me, she wouldn't even be a mother. Guess I'll keep her around a little bit longer. :jester:

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In all seriousnes, Rich, she IS a keeper... A truly lovely person. Linda always smiles and tells people about the time at Carlisle when we got caught in the rain and this woman that we just met gave her an umbrella. Tell Darlene that Linda and I wish her a great mother's day! :thumbsup:


And do something nice for HER, too, ya slacker! :lolsmack:

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