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Wife's XC70 gets some Love


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I had a challenging detail job lined up this weekend that got cancelled. Was to be my brother's Black VW Beetle:



Oh well.

I'd already made the arrangements: cancelled an appointment that was to be Thursday afternoon, took Friday off work, cancelled my youngest's daughters gymnastics class that was scheduled for Saturday morning, etc... and was really in the mood to detail a car. So, figured my wifes 2005 Volvo XC70 would be perfect. A six year old, 64,000 mile daily driver that's parked outside year round that I'd not detailed since last fall.


I'd cleaned the engine and engine bay last weekend when I changed the oil, so I'd kinda' already begun. Thursday evening after work I had my wife, Holly, help me remove the roof rack and I then cleaned the tires, wheels, brake calipers and inner fender wells to start the job: used APC, GWC, and a Wheel Brush.


Friday morning I began early with a two bucket/grit guard wash with 2oz. of Adam's Car Shampoo using two mitts and a brush. No need for a wax strip wash: other than a Spray-On Wax product I use while drying, this vehicle hasn't seen "regular" wax since last fall. One of the 9" mitts for the top down to the belt line, and my older 9" mitt for the area below the belt line above the plastic cladding. The long haired Boar's brush was used to clean all the plastic cladding on the lower portion of the car as well as the front and rear bumpers. I dried her with a leaf blower and a GW Drying towel. I wiped down the door jambs, around the hood and tailgate with WW. I then pulled the Goat out of the garage, yes, I pulled the Goat out of the garage and pulled the Volvo in for the weekend.


Clay Bar with DS did a nice job cleaning the paint and I was able to remove all the rail dust from the finish. I clayed the paint as well as the windshield, sunroof and back glass.


Taped off all the plastic cladding up close to the finish as well as the rubber trim to save some time later.



Time to give the PC a workout set to speed 5:


SHR with an Orange pad on a test spot: not enough.

SSR with a Green pad and two passes satisfied me. Not perfection, but again, this is a six year old daily driver with 64,000 miles that sits outside.

Two passes with SSR and the Green pad on the Hood and Roof, one pass everywhere else. I used the Green 4" focus pad on the PC at speed 3 where the large pad couldn't get to and it got pretty beat up pretty quickly, maybe one more detail left in it.


One pass with SHR and the Orange pad: both large and 4".


All tight spots got hit by hand with one pass of SHR and followed up with Revive polish on a double sided flip pad.


11 1/2 hours and time to call it a day!


Bright and early Saturday morning, after dusting the flat surfaces off with a Califonia Duster, I started with the White Pads: again large and 4" focus and FMP-one pass.


One pass of MSW with the large Grey pad and a small 4" Grey one I still have: this took me to 2:30pm. Hind sight: I should have done 3 full passes with the SSR and Green pad to the entire car, I'd have had the time.


I vacuumed the interior, wiped down the dash, cleaned the glass with GC and a microfiber glass towel, cleaned the steering wheel, shifter knob and drivers seat with Leather & Interior Cleaner and conditioned them with Leather Conditioner:


I'll do the entire interior when we return from vacation in mid June.


With the Engine and Engine Bay already clean I dressed this with SVRT and IOS:


Saturday 8 1/2 Hours.


Sunday morning, back at it again. Dusted the flat surfaces off a second time with the California Duster.


DS and a few Double Soft Microfiber towels to wipe down the finish in case of any hazing left from the MSW applied 15 1/2 hours earlier.


One Coat of BG on a Red Hex grip applicator


Then one coat of Buttery Wax using the Yellow Hex grip applicator. You've got to be kidding me! First time I've used the Buttery: talk about easy on and easy off!


Removed the tape and took care of the exterior glass. As stated earlier I'd clayed the wildshield, sunroof and back glass. All glass got a pass with Revive polish on the Blue Hex grip applicator. I also hit the sunroof with FMP and the White pad. Windshield, headlights, sunroof and back glass received an application of Adam's Glass Sealant followed by a coat of BG and a coat of Buttery Wax. The side glass got the same treatment with the exception of Revive polish rather than clay and no Glass Sealant. Exterior plastic: headlights, tail lights, and tinted side window deflectors were polished with Clear polish, then received the BG and Buttery same as the glass.


Sunday 4 1/2 Hours.








To finish up I had to wash the Goat, 9/10" rain over several showers and she sat out two nights and the majority of three days.



All is good :)

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Thanks for the compliments guys. :cheers:


Brian, I wouldn't eat off the underside of this one. We live in a rural section of Lancaster County, PA full of Amish and Mennonite folks who run Horse and Buggy's on the road! There was quite a bit of straw up under the fender wells.


Michael, That wasn't work but a complete 3 day therapy session! The Goat's okay, she received a nice wash job before being returned to her garage.

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The Subie still needs some lovin', maybe we can gang up on it one of these days when we're not out wasting fuel!



We'll have to talk Sunday.


24.5 hrs on a daily driver. Wow man. That's a true detailing nutjob :)



You know it! The neighbor said something like that as he rubbed his hand across the finish Sunday afternoon to see how smooth it was. He quickly left as he must have noticed the veins popping out from my temples and neck when I told him what I thought of someone touching my rides.

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An early morning car wash with Adam's Car Shampoo, a second coat of Buttery, all the trim and tires dressed with SVRT and IOS, inner fender wells taken care of with IUD and a second application of Glass Sealant: I think we're about ready to begin the annual family vacation! 730 mile road trip to Hilton Head Island, SC in 11 hours: we leave tomorrow morning at 3:00 with check in at 4:00pm Saturday for the week. 2 extra hours for gas and food with some grocery shopping prior to check in.


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