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Pad difference



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If I remember correctly, this topic was discussed before. Because the Flex is forced rotation, the hex on the pads will make it harder to control. The Flex + the hex pads will throw you all over the garage :)


I would imagine that is the exact reason. Makes perfect sense. The flex would probably skip with the hex pads. skipping while already pulling, along with spinning in the opposite direction of what normal PC users are used to all probably adds up to a crappy experience.


Well thought out by Adams guys to do solid testing on there product and change the lineup to work best.

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Fierce is correct. This was discussed this past weekend at the dealer clinic.


The Flex pads are flat in order to not provide additional "traction" on the surface. It would make the machine more difficult to control.


Dylan said to think of it like tires in rain. Bald tires don't grip as well as treaded tires when wet.


Also notice that there are no black pads for the Flex. Apparently the machine does not do as good of a job as the PC when laying down MSW.

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So what am I hearing?????


You mean to tell me Adam Pitale is selling products that are tested and used before they are put on sale!!! What in the world...is he actually creating a product line that is completely functional and work as described??? And actually choosing to eliminate certain products because they don't work well and aren't user friendly.


What happened to just selling anything that somebody will buy so the bottom line grows!!! PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT!!!


I am not sure I can continue to be a customer of this company that thinks so highly of its customers...


I am gonna have to go back that other company that has me add accelerants to its products to speed up curing time and instructs users to make multiple hand applications until my shoulder sounds like rice krispies then I will see their product at its best. Z***o rocks!!!


Ok I probably should wait until after my shoulder surgery, but believe I am not gonna have any part of a company that puts me ahead of the bottom line. I am gonna test my surgeons skills against Zpolish real soon...I hope!:lol:

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