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Time for new acronyms! MSW is now MSS

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Its been a long time coming, but the name change is finally underway and the new labeled bottles are already shipping!


The name Machine Superwax created some confusion among customers, based on the name one would assume it was a wax, not a sealant.

To correct this misconception and more accurately name what the product is the label has been changed to Adam's Machine Super SEALANT


Its the same exact product, just with a new (more accurate) name!

So my forum dwelling friends, fire up your secret decoder rings and get used to typing MSS instead of MSW! :D



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uh oh. looks like junkman will have to redo all his videos to avoid confusion. :)


<INSERT here junkman military angry>

{insert angry military junkman here}



"grey pad... grey product... grey pad... machine superw. err umm machine super sealant" rinse/repeat.... :lol:

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Hey Dylan, just a heads up, I noticed on the store page you guys have already switched all the descriptions to Machine Super Sealant, though on the MSS product page, it still says Machine SuperWax in the first sentence.

If you own a Porter Cable 7424, 7424XP or 7336 Dual-Action Polisher (or other dual-action car polisher), you're going to love Adam's Machine SuperWax!


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I like the new name. Sounds better IMO


I love how at the bottom of every label there's a warning for if ingested :jester:


I guess if a small kid smelled this stuff he might think it's candy :willy:


Kids? I'm worried more than half the people on this board have attempted to taste the products at one point or another. :willy:

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Uh oh, I see a possible error in the new label. :jester:


Actually I really do, but it won't affect anything. Up in the description it looks like a double space in the second line after the word our. Like I said, it won't affect anyting. I just happened to notice it just didn't look right.


Sorry to point it out, I'm just bored and noticed. :loser:

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