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HI From Northern NJ


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I saw the demonstrations at Carlisle this year and was very impressed. I ordered some interior cleaning products and window cleaner so far very happy with the products. I see this forum as a great place to learn. I want my 93 Ruby to shine come this spring.


Thanks, Rich

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Hi Rich,


Welcome to the Forum! We are glad to have you!


I'm assuming you have the carpet cleaner? I love it.


Have you tried out the Detail Spray, otherwise known as the "pink stuff" yet?


That makes keeping your vehicle clean so simple! No streaks and keeps paint, glass and chrome looking fantastic.


If you are ever detailing and have any product questions please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear your feedback as well.


Thank you, Rich!

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A newbie here from North Jersey myself but not to Adams's polishes.

My son turned me on to Adams a few years ago and the rest is history.

Use it on my 72 Corvette coupe and daily driver.

Always visit them at Carlisle when we're there.

Not only do I like Adams polish I admire that boys work ethic and business sense! :thumbsup:

We occasionally detail friends and relatives Corvettes, and always witness that same ear to ear grin when they see their car.

That's the part we enjoy most! ;)

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