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2011 Taurus


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I'm still waiting for the Saleen so I decided to go to my parents and do what I do best.


Two weeks ago my dad bought a new 2011 Taurus. I should of told him to not have the dealership clean it, but I didn't. So today I did the deed and cleaned it up real purrrty.


First I cleaned the greasy tire dressing off. That stuff was nasty, it sprayed on to the rims and turned them into a brake dust magnet. Then I cleaned the rest of the wheel area (wheel well and rims). After that it got a foaming and 2 bucket wash. Dried it and then clayed it. Since the color is GOLD LEAF, the swirls were not visible on the paint (Maybe I got lucky and there were none). I did a pass with Revive, then 2 coats of Americana. The outside trim got SVRT'd and In and Out'd. The glass was clayed and then sealed. The wheels got MSS and tires were SVRT's. Exhaust tips got a little Metal Polish #2. On the inside I laid a coat of Leather Conditioner down.


My dad told me it looked better than two weeks when he picked it up. I don't know about that, but I'm just being humble. Also I think the color is so light that you really don't get the depth like you do with darker colors.


I will say this though, those new Taurus' are HUGE! It took me two hours longer than I thought it would.


Here's some photos







Nasty swirls in the black plastic tirm



It doesn't look it, but this thing is dirrrty.



Clean rinse bucket after doing just the wheels. It was replace before washing the car.



Clean wheel



In & Out love




Metal Polish #2









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Nice job, My sister has one of these it is a pretty nice car.


I got to drive it right after he got it. The car has paddle shifters, but it shouldn't have them. There is a big delay between shifts. I can however see the paddles on the SHO. The car is BIG and feels big when you sit in the driver's seat. I really do like the Sync system in it too. All in all, it is a nice car.

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What did you use for the "Nasty swirls in the black plastic tirm?"


I just used Revive on them. I don't think they came out completely, but I wasn't trying to get them out. The 4" spot pad with FMP probably would of done the job though. This car is a DD so it doesn't have to be perfect.

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