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Corvettes at Carlisle 2011

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The weather held. Thursday was sunny and nice. Had planned on getting there by 11 a.m. but a morning rain shower postponed my plans till later on after 12 and arrived about 3 p.m. Stopped in to say hi to the crew, picked up my goody bag, and set up my tent before heading to the hotel. Later that night it rained, but the roads were dry for driving by morning. Friday morning was beautiful and sunny. On a normal Friday during Vettes, if you're not there by 9 you won't find a parking spot on the fun field. But there were a lot of people who cancelled their plans thanks to Irene and things started out pretty slow, but really picked up as the day went on until it was filled to capacity. I heard that Friday turned into a record sales day for Adam and the crew. The day turned into a suana and by 4 I was whipped and headed back to the hotel to shower and change........ended up turning into a 4 hour nap! So the wife and I missed the party alltogether. Sorry about that. I heard that it was a great time and tons of food and drink for everyone as usual. Adam really treats everyone well. Saturday was cloudy and cool and breezy........absolutely perfect for walking around and looking at cars. No sweating today! It never did rain and they had their annual parade with around 200 cars participating. A whole lot of empty spaces on the fun field though, and even in the vendors area and the swap meet. Many people were scared off by the weatherman's predictions of high winds and rain. Guess the memories from 2006 lingered on. We stayed till around 3 and headed home. And apparently the fairgrounds got hit with storms Saturday night and things were cancelled for today while they cleaned up the grounds. Anyhow, here's a few pictures.










Sorry about this fuzzy one....my camera sucks. Me giving Chris's head a good brushing.




One VERY sweet hot rod!




My dream car.....Jetstream Blue ZR1




New color for 2012 and for one year only........Carlisle Blue





Grand Sport



Friday morning empty spaces:





Taking the bugs off Friday morning





Saturday was cloudy but nice





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