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How do you store your products?



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man there are so many different ways too go about it, ive been looking up stuff too as I am bored of my current setup. What I plan on for microfiber is waiting for a good deal on rubbermaid plastic bins to happen at like target/walmart or such. I have airtight ones for my towels now and love it, pads the same way inside rubbermaid on their sides like CD's haha. If I remember right there was a thread a while back about this? I could be wrong though, but I do remember pics of dylans garage and how he had a towel basket like thing on the wall.

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Here is my storage...


Brushes and wash pads (waiting to dry) are above the sink



Everything else is in or on some cabinets we have along the garage wall.



Towels are in the upper left (a bunch of towels are in the laundry pile, usually pretty full)



Most small chemical bottles and applicators are stored in the upper right cabinet. Until I make more space for it elsewhere the flex stays in the box on the cabinet along with a couple gallon refills that don't fit in the lower cabinet



Most of the gallon refills are stored below along with the PC and Metro 500



Hope to reorganize the lower cabinets later this spring to make room for all the gallon refills and Flex in the lower cabinet. And as the towel stash grows I will have to reorganize that too and move the few other non-Adams products into a different cabinet.


I don't like to use air tight storage here in Florida, since trapped moisture can lead to all sorts of mildew and mold issues.



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Mike are all currently stored in my wash buckets and a few duffel bags. I've been doing quite a bit of mobile detailing, so I just save myself the hassle of packing and unpacking and leave them all where they are easily transportable.


No glamorous shelving pics from me. :(

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All my chemicals are in the basement right now, but I plan to move the higher usage ones to the laundry room which is just off the garage. I want them to stay in a cool place. The pads, brushes and power tools are all in plastic bins on a shelf in the garage.


I'm still working out everything. We just moved so it'll take a bit.

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My products are stored in two locations. First is my walk in closet where the vast majority of my product is stored in Ikea, Rubbermaid or Sterilite containers.


Looks like I've got to dust then Detail Spray the containers.:D


Top one has unused Adam's glass and Single Soft towels, MF applicator pads plus an unopened wash pad. It also is where the Double soft towels reside.


The other container has the chemicals, Power Stick, 4" pads and a foam block or two. The wash pads go on top but are currently drying.


These containers also share space in the closet. These are the products used on friends and family's cars until they run out. Nothing new in there since I made the Adam's switch 'cept for some things Mom bought for me; Adam's Gift Card next time please. My parents grew up in the Depression/WWII, I was raised to never throw anything out until it's used up. Ignore the lid labels, that was done many many years ago...


The other location I store product is in my linen closet in my bathroom. The Meg's bottles are almost empty.


Something my wife did for me after she got tired of me schlepping a laundry basket out to the garage every time I went out there. I also used it as a basket to bring the clean MF towels up stairs. When I go to the garage I lug everything in a Thule car bag.

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here's an older thread on the same subject:



since that thread i've moved and needed more space for more products. i now have a 4 drawer storage cabinet that fits perfectly under the clothes rack in my closet. i'll get a pic of it later tonight.


in a few months i'm moving into our new home which i will have plenty of space to add more storage. i plan to have a cabinet in the garage to keep all my brushes, polisher, applicators, and towels. and one just inside the garage in the laundry room to keep all my products climate controlled.


i still use 6 pack carriers to hold all my products so its easier to carry them outside.

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Finally took a couple pics of my supply (I have a different bin with my overflow gallon refills and empty bottles)


Nice! All Adams! I use all Adams except for one item, which Adams doesn't offer due to a patent issue. :( I however keep said item in an Adams container! lol

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