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Ok guys,


Looks like this site is in need of a resident GURU....



I will make a Custom Avatar or a Signature Picture for you guys but I am going to set a couple ground rules for them.


1. Provide one picture (don't make me choose)

2. Suggest a theme (i.e. American Flag, Fireman, Police, Batman)

3. Provide any "special markings" (i.e. Ford logo, Corvette flags)

4. Send an unused Adam's product to P.O Box 2031, Au.. Ok fine, :lol:




Seriously though, these things are usually very time consuming. I spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour doing something very basic. So with that being said they will be produced at my convenience and will not always be in order of request (depending on level of difficulty).


When you are requesting something to be made, please start a new thread in the Photoshop and Photography forum and title it "(username)'s (product i.e. Avatar, Sig Pic, etc) Request" or something plain and clear like that. I will receive daily email updates about the new threads in this forum and will usually be able to respond and confirm your request within 24 hours.


Thanks and Enjoy!:thumbsup:


Examples Attached Below:

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