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Polishing after new paint



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just ask the shop who did it, I got to see a water based paint application at school last week and it was awesome. [reduced with water instead of solvent] it blends SO MUCH easier even metallic paint, long story short imperfections in the clear were able to be sanded and buffed in less than an hour from when the last coat of clear was sprayed. so i'm thinking if they used water based basecoat and a fast curing clear you might be in luck

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Sanding/Buffing/Polishing are totally different than Sealing/Glazing/Waxing.


Fresh paint needs time to cure, so don't lock it in with the Sealant/Glaze/Wax. Sanding/Buffing/Polishing leaves nothing on the paint and is fine.


There really should be no reason to clay a freshly painted panel. Claying removes contaminents stuck in/on the paint.


Rule of thumb;

Paint Baked on: do what you like.

Car sits outside 24/7: 60 days.

Garaged: Wait the full 90 days.

If in doubt: Wait the full 90 Days

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