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Where Have I Been? Member Checking In


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Hi Everyone. It has been a while since I have been on the forums. The last 2 months have been very busy. We have had some very bad times and some very good times. To start on the low; Since March I have lost my Grandma, my fiance's mother passed, then I lost my best friend in Michigan and then 3 weeks later my Dad unexpectedly passed away. As if losing Dad wasn't hard enough, he passed less than 2 weeks before my wedding. So after a week of Dad's final arrangements, I flew back to Colorado to get married.


We got married on Spetember 10th. My bride was absolutely beautiful. The wedding was amazing and everyone had a wonderful time. We laughed, smiled, drank, ate, danced, and enjoyed the company of our family and clolse friends. Afterwards we left for a week in Key West where there was more laughing, smiling, drinking (rum), eating (conch fritters), and dancing. I swam with a baracuda and I chased a shark, on foot (long stroy, but very cool).


After all of this work is busy but I finally have time to get back on the forums. I hope everyone has been well and I will be catching up soon. Thanks, Dave.


BTW Adam's made a brief appearance at the wedding. I used APC, SVRT, interior cleaner, and my boar's hair brush to clean my black and red Chucks that I wore to our reception, and of course, on the car. Here are a few pics.







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sorry to hear about your loses, but also gains in marriage :D. BTW love that diffuser you have, gotta get my mom one for her redline!


Got the diffuser from Norm's Fiberglass. Norm makes some nice stuff. But he makes it all by hand so it does take some time.


Thanks everyone for the sympathies. We are focused on the good things in life right now. Just got our official marriage licence today. It is all official now. Oh and my insurance went down $20/month just because I am married. Go figure, guess I am more responsible now.

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Sorry for your losses David.


Congrats on getting married! my insurance dropped a couple hundred when I got married (Weird)


Yeah I know. Weird. As soon as my wife's (he he I have a wife) policy expires I am taking over the insuarance on her 02 Jetta and the condo. When I got the quote my car (just my car with me was about $220/ month. Now, married, my car, her car, and the condo costs $160/month. I added a car and a house and it is $60/month cheaper. THAT is weird, but I am not complaining. I joke and say I got married just for all the gifts and discounts. I am stitting at my desk drinking home-made soda from a gift we got. Mmmmmm Orangey.

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Guest Sarah@Adams

Wow, so sorry about your losses that is a lot to handle in a year...


:party:Congratulations on your new chapter in life and :welcomebanner: back! You both look very happy!

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