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On My Way to Work...


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I was told that my car was PURE SEXY and this guy was almost drooling and needed to whip his mouth. :lol:


That made my morning because I was half asleep. smiley_spinning.gif


I am not sure that most of you know that I bought a used 2003 Nissan 350Z recently. It is such a fun little ripper car!


I kept hitting the shift light so I jacked the RPMs up to 6000. :D I have also found out if you shut off the VCM button that it is even more fun to drive. :burnout:


I put a new set of rear tires on the car to fill in the extra gap. Now it looks beefy from behind.


I never thought I would ever own a Foreign car but I got such a great deal on it that I figured I could drive it for awhile til I get sick of it and sell it for more than I paid even after driving it. :2thumbs:


So I am not told that this Thread is Useless...here are the only two pics I have of the car.






My husband was sort of shocked that I come rolling into the driveway with a Nissan. He wasn't happy nor was he happy that I bought my Charger without him knowing and now this car. :jester: He is a TRUE Chevy Guy.


He did drive the Nissan and he actually liked it enough to tell me that he wouldn't mind a 370Z.


Two Foreign cars in my driveway in the MotorCity...:help:


My dad is probably turning over in his grave but also he is probably saying something like "There she goes again. She is never going to grow up". Is there any rules of life that states you have to grow up at any certain age?? slider.gif

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Bet that guy wouldn't have said that if your hubby was driving. :lolsmack:


WTG Teresa. You have some good taste in cars! And you're keeping the old man guessing what you'll do next! :cheers:

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