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2011 1LT Camaro


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Was finally able to PC the hood. First I waterless washed the hood, then clayed, then two passes with the SHR, two passes with the FMP, and then MSS. No swirl marks at all, and after the 24 hour cure of the MSS, put 1 coat of BG, and then finished with Americana Paste Wax. Look how wet the paint looks. I wished the sun was out today because I think the pics would look even better. Going to tackle the roof and rear deck this weekend. Can't wait. I'm officially addicted and love these Adams products.




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Great job!!! :2thumbs:


Now you need a Beading pic the next time it rains. :D


Here ya go. It just started raining about an hour ago, and I brought it into the Garage...most of them rolled off but here are a few "Beading Pics". It was dark out, so the pics would not have turned out too good outside in the dark.




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Beautiful! Very much so!


Thank you. I used to own a 2008 3SS TB (I'm going to put an album on here with the pics..it was Black Granite Metallic). I loved it, but it was just way too expensive to keep fueled up. That thing would flat get up and go with the full time AWD. Your's looks great. I can't tell what color, but I love those pics you shot in Alaska.

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Oh, Black Metallic is GORGEOUS!!!!

They are a beast to keep fueled that's for sure!!


I have the imperial blue.


Here are pics at the detail clinic of my ride in PA.



I wish I was educated about Adams back when I owned it, cause it certainly had some serious swirls. But knowing what I know now, I think 1 or 2 passes with orange and then the while polish would have it shining like new again. That imperial blue was my first choice, but they didn't have it in stock anywhere in SC at the time.

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Hey dave, nice job on that white. Use SVRT on the strips, make em look really deep black.


Thanks, white paint is quite a challenge. Every two weeks, the vinyl stripes get detail spray, then 1 pass of Brilliant Glaze, and then 1 application of SVRT.

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