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Seasons are a changin in the Mitten :)


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As much as I will hate not being able to detail my car in the winter really, the changing seasons is the best up here. Being home for the weekend i went out fishing to clear the mind and have some relaxing fun. I went to walk out to leave and stopped in my tracks cause of the reflection I saw and had to take a picture or two, wouldve been different even a day later :D.


The Americana on here has been on for months now:




Heres a fast one i snapped a few days ago at my girlfriends apartment:



Couple of the guys i caught :D:




and a dumb bottomfeeder that bit my lure:



Enjoying the Michigan changing seasons is better on my lake when I'm out there fishin. About 6 years ago our lake got a large mouth bass virus that killed almost 80% of our bass population, huge bass rolling onto the shore dead. We must have threw hundreds of bass in the garbage, it was sad. But I think they are building up numbers again and fishing is finally a way to have fun and relax again. Everyone enjoy the fall until the white falls, for those without snow, im sorry :D haha.

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