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New from Chicago


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Good evening everyone. My name is Tom and I reside in the south suburbs of Chicago.


I just bought a PC7424xp kit from Adam's which showed up today. I've been watching the Junkman videos for a few weeks now so I decided to try it out. I gave it a whirl on my wife's old 2002 Toyota Camry which had never been buffed. The car was scratch city. I did a test run on the trunk and holy cow! Insane! The trunk looks wet and it's almost entirely scratch free now. Thanks so much to Adam's and Junkman.


Before (not the best photo)






Those scratches were buried in there. I originally started with the orange pad, but saw it was no match. I stepped it up to the green pad. I went green, orange, white, buttery wax. Wet looking paint now. Thanks again!



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Thanks for the warm welcome...


I didn't do the entire car, just the trunk to get a feel for how the PC and products works. I figured I'd test it out on the wife's light colored car before I moved on to my little black Dodge SRT4. Once I complete that car I'll have some photos.

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Ok.. I just tried the PC out on my 04 Black Dodge SRT4. I just did the hood and drives/passenger side fenders. WOW! I'm blown away.






Midway Through:








There are still a few scratches in their, but it's 95% better for sure. Green/Orange/White/Buttery

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Ok, this is my last post in this section... Here is my SRT4 paint corrected after the PC7424xp. I used green/orange/white/buttery. The car was swirl city. It now looks like it just came off the dealer lot.










Under the hood.



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