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Madison, WI...too many black cars


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Hi all,


New guy here from Madison, WI.


I have a black 2009 G8 GXP as well as a black 2011 GMC Sierra. I've always been into keeping cars clean, but never taken the next step (read: bought real supplies).


My GXP has a bunch of swirls in the paint, so I bought a PC and some Adam's to fix her up for next spring. :burnout: Also, after my first two-bucket wash...I have no idea how I can keep enough detail spray in the garage. That stuff is plan amazing!


Anyway, I hope to learn a ton from this place, and thank for all your help already.



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Welcome to the Family! Post up some pics. What kind of Sierra you got?


Thanks guys!


For some reason, I don't have too many pictures...here's one of the used car lot that is my driveway, and just the truck. It's a 2011 Sierra SLT All Terrain with the 6.2L. Pretty baller. It has a few light scratches and swirls from camping this summer that need to be taken care of.





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