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Hello everyone, just dropping a line to say I have already picked up a ton of tips and tricks for making my car really shine. Right now I'm waiting on the clear coat from my latest airbrush work to fully cure before I venture into the machne polishing realm. (Scary stuff, but there is so much info here that a monkey could do it...and by that I mean me).


Anyways, here are some pics of the GTO and the specs on the build.


2005 GTO

6.0L LS-2

225cc AFR heads

2x Garrett GT32-R turbos (10psi/intercooled)

ported/polished intake

60lb/hr injectors, boost a pump

Synergy segmented clutch and lightened flywheel

Full Pedders Track II suspension

Pedders complete bushing swap

B&M Short shifter

rear quarters widened 1.5" per side to hold....

Ruff Racing 18"x10" rims with Hoosier DOT Slicks (315/30)


Right now she makes ~600hp, future installs include solid motor and tranny mounts to lock everything in more. Oh and a 402 forged stroker kit with a turbo upgrade and methanol spray (shooting for 800hp in the end)



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Thanks a lot guys. To be honest I've lurked around the forum as a guest for quite some time and finally decided to take the plunge. I am real leery about joining on line groups, mainly because there are always a handful of trolls who "know more than you" or want to pick a fight through the computer screen. From everything I have seen here you guys are nothing but class acts. So kudos to everyone.


Thanks fOr the compliments on the goat. Wish I could take all of the credit for her but the previous owner did a lot of work, and the guys at Synergy Motorsports built it stout. And my airbrush artist did I phenomenal job. (all paint was done with 1 eye. His doc messed up his corrective surgery and his lens was off all week while he was waiting to get back in for them to fix it)


All these guys set me up to enjoy my baby for a long long time (she just rolled 10k miles) and the products on here and your expertise should ensure she looks the part.


Thanks again everyone.

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