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is it normal

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for the 11 x 11 wash pads to shed worse than a Jack Russell in the summertime? I've only used it once but it left synthetic fibers all over the car in sort of small blobs. I washed it out well and after it dried you can sort of softly pinch the pad and get quite a bit of fibers out of it very easily... shake it and fibers are everywhere.


it's pretty soft so maybe it's supposed to do this, not a real problem but is this considered normal?:)

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There is a new replacement in your order that was mailed today. You should be all taken care of Terry.


thanks Jarrod, I just wanted to see what everybody thought before we talked about a replacement. I didn't think it was that big of a problem but when I picked up the dryed pad from last weekend I kind of shook it a little and fibers went everywhere.


I just wanted to make sure this was "out of the ordinary" and that it wasn't just something that would stop after a wash or two.



you guy's sure do stand behind the Adam's products,

thanks again Jarrod:2thumbs:

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