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Hap Murphy

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Man ya don't want to turn yer back in here or you might not catch up , I been working hard and playing at night so haven't checked in til now ...

Well lets see, first off only the 55 Ford is mine and even with the Earl Scheib $19.99 type (The thinnest they ever did ) paint job from some time ago it is still buffing out well.

I live and work in Southern Oregon on a ranch with a White City address and unfortunately the real pretty rigs belong to my long time employer Herb Sutton who probably hasn't yet put any of his vehicles in the Grants pass shows that I know of but it's not out of the running! He has at the moment quite a few "Shiny" rods and that 40 P/U was painted by T. Carr of gold hill, the black custom 41 flamer was done by Finnish line in central point I am just the lucky so and so that gets to manage their upkeep (test the carb as I say it HAHAHA) I also own a 50 Chev. 5 window P/U but it's a bad boy semigloss black so only gets a good washing, some day I'll make a shiner out of it perhaps.

Thanks for the howdies and it would be fun to meet some of you Oregon folks and I'm sure Herb (the owner of the nice rigs) will see you around. We both belong to Rogue Vallley Street Rods so perhaps if you come to our Feb. Show in Medford at the county fair grounds I may be the one who gets you to your parking spot ...




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