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Scratch Free Car



I started at 9 am this morning and just wrapped up putting on the machine super sealant at 1 am....16 hours! My back hurts and I am very tired, but it was worth it for a ..... wait for it..... A SCRATCH FREE 2012 CAMARO SS!


I have never owned a scratch free car before. Even tho I ordered this car from the factory AND told the dealer not to wash it, when I picked it up it had wash scratches on it.....so I have been dying to put what I learned watching the Junkman's videos to work and it is a thing of beauty (especially after last weekend's fiasco with the wife's BMW).


Anyway, after I get the sealant off tomorrow I'll take some pics and post them up.


One question, if I go to bed now at 1 am and wake up about 10 am to remove the super sealant, can I wax right away?

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I used the PC to take off the sealant and it worked pretty good. I will give it another wipe down if a few, but yeah, it was left on a little too long.....but I had to get some sleep.


Now I need a car cover so it stays this way. Please forgive the tape, I thought I would leave it on until after I can wax.









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If anybody wants those Sentsy candles, my next door neighbor is a rep and she sells them. My wife just had a party at my house last weekend. We have them all over the house. I suppose that they smell good, but if they are good for melting your car wax, and you want some, PM me and I'll get you in touch with this woman.

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