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First Order



Couldn't resist the recent Bucket, Grit Guard, and Wash Mitts special and used it as the basis of my first Adam's order. Also got the Waterless Wash kit and a bunch of microfiber products.


Everything arrived well packaged in a very good quality box. I'm also very impressed by the quality of the sprayers and towels.


My only two regrets is not buying a 2nd special (I did buy a 2nd grit guard though) and deleting the wrong item from my order. I had the two pack MF Utility towel in my order when I added the 5 pack and meant to delete it but deleted the 2 pack glass towel by mistake.


I have never looked forward to washing a car like I am now. I just wish my foamer was already in, especially since I have a black metallic paint job.


I intend to add to my Adam's collection very soon. The wifey is not going to be happy, she already told me she had plenty of towels when I brought home the new car. I told her I was going to be neurotic about my new car so leave me alone (it is my first new car since 89 even if its nothing fancy).

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Congrats and :welcomebanner: to the forum family! How about a pic of that new ride?


Ok, here's some pixs, nothing fancy, just a DD in a challenging color that has to cross a challenging road through dusty buggy farmland infested with rock throwing semi's





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