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Gum on my carpets

Memphis Senior


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Thanks everyone for helping out. Sorry it took so long to get back. Holidays you know. :)


Anyway here are the before and after photos.




Before: Really made a mess before I noticed it.







Was going to try the peanut butter thingy. But got hungry, so I ate it instead. :lolsmack:



After: That Freeze stuff works GREAT. Was going to try something I had lying around called "Goo Be Gone." But the warnings said it might fade carpets. Not to shabby for a 2 y.o. daily driver with 19K on the clock. Hope it still looks this good 8 years and 250K from now. :bow:




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Great turn around. I am very impressed I will have to order the freeze stuff to keep in my detailing kit.


Anyone notice lately that the really nontypical detailing questions have been solved with peanut butter lately. Perhaps there is a potential product idea here. A cleaner with a peanut oil base and a mild abrasive. Think Fine Machine polish mixed with Jiffy.

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