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If money was no object.....


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GM is giving it's entire collection to Barrett Jackson to auction off in January. With the economy the way it is, they probably won't get what they would have a couple of years ago, but man oh man, would I love to get up close and personal with a couple of these.


Full story http://jalopnik.com/5113113/gm-to-auction-near+classics-from-corporate-museum



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Heres the list of waht I would want the most, but theres alot of other cars id like to get to.


2002 Camaro Police

Solstice "Jazz" Transformer Movie Vehicle

1969 Pontiac GTO (Green)

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge (Orange/Yellow)

1980 Pontiac Grand Am Pickup

1999 Grand Am SCT

1967 GTO XXX Hardtop

1991 Firebird Trans Am Twin Turbo

1993 Firebird IMSA Race car

1994 Firebird Firmula V8

1994 Firebird Trans Am 25th Ann.

1998 Firebird Trans Am Gold Rush

1998 Firebird Trans Am X-plorers

2000 Firebird Trans Am Darth Vader

2003 Grand AM Autocross

900 Pikes Peak

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