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The Adams stuff just keeps on fixin



I will type the full details a bit later. I just got a very nice keybaord, but the spacebar kept sticking. After al the time with the customer service, all the thing needed was some Adams care. I dropped some SVRT onto the keybard connectors(popped the spacebar out first). Put the thing back in, and has not gotten stuck since.


I wrote a super long post a few mins. ago but since im still getting used to this keyboard, I hit back... somehow, and made it all disapear:help:.

Im just glad my keyboard works perfectly now.



My next idea is to fix an old xbox 360 game with some Adams polish. Crazy idea? Any thoughts anyone?

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press it and see



For all the time ive used a computer...i figured a couple of those f buttons were obsolete:lolsmack:


Well turns out I hit the back button on the mouse not the keyboard:confused:


By the way, here is a picture of the keyboard. Still works flawlessly thanks to Adams:2thumbs:

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