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Scratch Removal, Yup it's gone!



A bit of a story will start this one off.


It snowed on January 20-21 which left the roads a mess the following week. With the temperatures low I figured I'd run my company car through the local touchless car wash to at least blow off most of the salt once the roads had cleared.


One evening that following week things looked good to blow off the salt, temps above 32, roads dry and I had a bit of time before dinner. I headed to the local car wash, pulled up to the touchless bay (Ha!), slid my credit card through the machine, the door opened and I pulled in. As the door behind me closed I realized they'd made some changes since last winter. Holy $*#@ It was no longer touchless!!! :willy: Ahhhhhhh!!! I was trapped, I couldn't escape! My youngest daughter was with me (thank God), she kept telling me it'd be okay, she stroked my shoulder and told me I could fix any damage incurred as I sobbed. Finally it was over and I left to go home to find a nice cold Homebrew to help me through my anguish.


Saturday February 4th I was finally able to wash the car myself and found this on the left rear passenger side door:




Advertized as Soft Touch. Soft touch my a$$.


Today I finally had the opportunity to wash her again and see what I could do with the scratch. It was deep enough to catch my finger nail, I knew just polishing wasn't going to remove it. This door was part of a repair and repaint last winter and had ample clear to break out the Uni-Grit paper and wet sand.


I started with 1500 grit which took the scratch out in just a couple passes. I moved from the 1500 grit to 2000, to 2500 and finished with 3000 to minimize each previous grits damage.







After I was satisfied with what I'd accomplished with wet sanding I broke out the PC. I still had the 4" backing plate attached from last weekend so I used the 4" pads. I worked my way through the geen pad with SSR to the orange pad with SHR and finished with the white pad and FMP: two passes with each. I finished the door up with a layer of BG and a coat of Buttery Wax.





I'm happy with the results. Now just to remember not to try that bay again at the local car wash!

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