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Who Runs Bartertown?



For the last several years I've been using my leaf blower to dry vehicles. In the fall I'd turn the leaf blower into a vacuum to pick up leaves around the yard and wouldn't use it on vehicles again until after all the leaves had been cleared in the spring. After all the leaves were up I'd disassemble the leaf blower, clean it and reassemble it to use as a dryer again, quite the task.


Friday a week ago my new Master Blaster arrived! Yesterday I got the chance to try it out when I washed my 2007 Dodge Magnum. The leaf blower had it beat in the size of the stream of air it put out. Other than that, hands down, the winner was the Master Blaster!


The Master Blaster did a much better job at getting the water out of all the little nooks and crannies: the mirrors, the trim under the side windows, the trim plug where fog lights would have been and from the grille area. It also removed the water from the recesses where the strips that run along the roof line are tucked and from the piece above the back glass. All the water from behind the hub caps and the lug nuts was blown out making it possible to apply VRT without fighting the intermittent water drip. It completely removed all the water from the inner fenders/wheel wells making it possible to spray the Invisable Undercarriage Dress immediatly.


Oh, and who runs Bartertown?

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