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Well Hello there pilgrims

The Duke

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Just opened a new detail shop. Put it in the center of my coin-op car wash. 16x45'drive thru bay. Customers are liking it. Hired one young enthusiastic kid (25 yr old) whom I'm training along with re-fining my own skills.


I have not yet used Adams Products. Are they similar in price and quality to other competitors? I hear good things...


Any Words of wisdom for our new shop? We are not yet master detailers, but are willing to continually learn. Our prices are low at first until we can command more...:lolsmack:

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Welcome. Adams has amazed me since I joined. You will not be disappointed!!!!



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Good to hear that. I think I will order some Paint Sealant next week.


Ps: I love your saying " Cute but a Psycho". Now that's halarious!


My wife probably thinks the same of me! lol

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