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Thanks Adam's!


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Went to a Carshow today. It was probably one of the better benefit shows have been to. Not because came home a winner, but because it was a first Time Event. Well run,great weather and raised app $17,500 for an abused children home that helps keep brothers and sisters together. They were the real winners! :)


Besides myself and a few others, there was another guy there who won Best of Show in his class. The car was a real beauty and guess what the owner uses?:thumbsup: Will resize some more pix of some other awesome cars a little later. Honeydo list now since was on the run all day.


Thanks again Adam's!!!:rockon:

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Thanks Mike! Here are some more.

The Galaxy in the first pic won Overall Best of Show.Could be in a museum Original Owner 14k nothing restored unbelievably taken care of.

Think made a believer out of a few folks with the SVRT and Undercarraige Spray today as well.:2thumbs:

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Is that puppy really peeing the front tire of the SS? Lol!
Looks pretty real ;)




An understatement.;) Here's a pic of the hood Understand at night it is a "Blue" Angel nightshow. The Aircraft all light up and even the floor mats have LED's in them.

Thanks Rich.

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