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2008 Jeep Wrangler JKU Engine bay



My friend Stan rolled over today for a quick engine bay detail, and a 2-bucket wash. Here was the process:

- Full Strength Adam's All Purpose Cleaner soak for 10 minutes

- Hose off with Adam's firehose nozzle

- Blow dry with MetroVac Sidekick

- Resoak with full strength All Purpose Cleaner & agitate with Adam's Boars Hair brush and Adam's Car Shampoo

- Hose off with Adam's firehose nozzle

- Blow dry with MetroVac Sidekick

- Shut hood & leave engine running


While the engine was running, we did a nice 2-bucket wash with Adam's car shampoo. Blow dry with MetroVac Sidekick, and finished off with Adam's Detail Spray & singlesoft microfiber towel. Leaving the Jeep running and keeping the engine bay hot, helped to dry anything we couldn't get with the MetroVac. Popped the hood back open and dressed it with Adam's SVRT, SVRT "milk" & Adam's In&Out Spray. It was pretty muddy under there, and if I'd had Adam's Woolies cleaning sticks, I could have gotten into some of the trickier and tighter areas. So I'm kinda disappointed I couldn't get it better than this, but I feel like it's still a pretty nice improvement. I'm going to order those Adam's Woolies cleaning sticks so I have them for future details, lol. But here ya go!!
















I didn't get a straight on "after shot" of the hood liner, but you can see the turnaround in the above photos fairly well. We'll get her even better next time!

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Thanks boys!

Matt - I just soaked it with APC & hit it hard with the firehose nozzle. That dirt came pouring outta that thing like a muddy waterslide!!! :)


Hmmmmmm I'll have to try that out. Tomorrow will be a good day considering it is going to rain and I have nothing else to do :banana:

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