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Great stuff and definitely a must have. I've used it on all areas, especially on my wheels to bring back that pop they had lost over the years. Seen Revive do some pretty sweet results on paint that has seen it's match too.


If your questioning if you need it you'll definitely find a use for it on your vehicle.

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I always do the car with Revive if I am doing a complete detail. I use it after the clay bar as it was first formulated as a paint cleaner. I follow that with Swirl & Haze Remover, if needed, then Fine Machine Polish.

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Serves a lot of different purposes for me.


  • Great by hand for tight areas, like around door handles.
  • Excellent 1 step polish for clear coated factory wheels.
  • Throw it on a gray pad and use after FMP for easier paint cleanup prior to waxing or sealing.
  • Also a great 1 step by machine when you're not trying for correction, but want to clarify and gloss up the paint.
  • Great for hand polishing wood and painted interior trim panels.

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I use it in conjunction with FMP when I only have time for a one step polish. Also been doing that when doing a 2-3 step polish. Helps me see a little better when FMP flashes on some vehicles given it's color. Also adds a little more time to flash when using the flex.

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Revive is an AWESOME product, does not get the love it deserves.


I use it or have used it for the following:

- cleaning up small areas - like around door handles

- removing paint transfer scuffs

- use it along with polishes to clean windows of water spots

- cleaning paint that has lost its clear and trying to make it look its best

- cleaning up wheels that appear dull


A great product that should be part of any detailing arsenal.



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