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1969 Chevelle Malibu


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Here are a few pictures of my Dads 69 Chevelle I cleaned up for our local car show this weekend. http://www.adamsforums.com/forums/lounge/18594.htm#post321266


I tried to get some really good pictures of how nice and shinny it was, but it was difficult because it was overcast all weekend


The Process i used was: Strip Wash, one pass of SHR, one pass of FMP, Quick Sealant, a coat of brilliant glaze with the PC, and then a coat of Americana. I also used both metal polishes on the wheels and bumper, used SVRT on the vinyl top and the tires, and of course glass cleaner and glass sealant on the windows.


At the Show




The Engine (did not do anything but wipe it down with DS)



Before the Cruise Downtown:










Here are a couple pictures with the Brilliant Green Setting on the Camera. They make the car look really shinny but make it look more of a lime green






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Guest Luke Warmwater

Near the top of my list of favorite cars. Yours looks very clean. Have you considered putting the Rally SS wheels on it?

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Thanks Everyone


Nice car, Nothing quite as nice as a well kept or restored original IMO:cheers:

Thats how I feel. I love to see original cars but 90% of the Chevelles out there (as well as many other cars) have after market engines all chromed out, non original colors, digital guages etc... This car is mostly stock, exept a couple minor thing like the wheels, speakers in the back and the aftermarket Temp/Oil Pressure Guages, and the 8-Track player. The wheels were put on in 1971 so they are period and the 8-track and guages were instaled within weeks of my dad purchasing the car in Jan of 1970


Near the top of my list of favorite cars. Yours looks very clean. Have you considered putting the Rally SS wheels on it?


No, the plan has always been to restore it just like my dad had it in high school and those wheels were put on a year after he got it.

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Very nice! I appreciate the stock engine bay instead of all the chrome dress-up stuff you usually see. Is it a full resto or just a clean original?



Some of it is all original, and some of it is resto. Like I have said before the plan has always been to make it just like it was when my dad drove it in high school/ College in the early 70's



Engine/Tranny (Just repainted chevy orange along with the air filter black)


Almost all the chrome including the bumpers

Dash, steering wheel, glove box etc...

Dash Bezel (needs to be replaced )



and a few more...



New paint job (stock color) including the trunk and engine bay

New Vinyl Top

Seats and Interior Panels

Corners of the Grill

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