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3 Day Project - Trailblazer SS


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Started a 3 day project in the evenings each night working on the SS to have her nice and ready for the detail clinic in New Jersey this weekend at Detailers Domain with Adam & Phil. Thought I would share a little of tonight's progress.


Day 1 (sorry no pictures)


2 Bucket Strip Wash

Clay Bar

Tested hood with SHR, Revive, & FMP to make sure I get the results I wanted before moving on.

Metal Polish #1 & #2 on billet grille


Day 2 (tonight)


Waterless Wash

Swirl & Haze Remover

Revive Polish

Fine Machine Polish

Machine Super Sealant

Now she's waiting for a full cure on the sealant before tomorrow's work begins.


Got to try out the new Adam's Detailing Tape and even though I had no doubt in it's performance I was thrown back at how amazing this tape is. Like Dylan mentioned in a post you can remove and reapply on the other side to save on tape. Usually the 3M tape won't stick to my trim since it's been protected with SVRT or In & Out, but this stuff held strong over and over! Time to place a review on the site.


Results after SHR & Revive




After Fine Machine Polish




After Machine Super Sealant






Day 3 (tomorrow)


Waterless Wash

Brilliant Glaze


Leather Conditioner

Treat all interior panels

SVRT Tires & Trim



During my progress tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry (jb1978) who lives nearby. I was able to drool a little over his 2011 Mustang GT. This was a beautiful car and is definitely an Adam's face melter thanks to some work he did wth a Flex. Jerry has one beautiful ride and it was great meeting him and his wife while I took a break from today's action.






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Well it's almost 10:00 here and I just finished up the final touches.


Waterless Wash

Brilliant Glaze


SVRT on tires

In & Out on trim

Leather Conditioner

Wipe down interior

Glass Cleaner


Took it to the gas station and got some very nice words about the results from a couple next to me. That's always cool thing after you work for 3 nights on it.


All set to head to Detailers Domain early in the morning.

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