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Vacation cut short due to 4 pages of defective "junk" on a brand new 28' Travel Trailer.


However, in the proces of this short trip, I bought a new business in a nice community. A small grocery store, living quarters in the back. Only draw back is the new bathroom isn't ready yet. So in the meantime we are using the older one.


Really neat thing is I found "two" really nice Daily Drivers. Lots of Adam's products and they will be looking fine.

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I know what those pine cones are for!! :jester:



Nice quess. What you see hanging in the photo is the way "things" were done. Kind of hard to make out what it is, but it's an "original" corn cob. :help:

The Sears "catalog" hadn't come out back then. :D

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You've got your work cut out for you there Bill! Hurry up with some after pics would ya! :lol:


Oh I should have 'er done in about a week. Have just a couple of pieces I have to weld together. :2thumbs: Then if ya look close you will see some pretty deep scratches I will have to wet sand. Also need to shorten the shifting and emergency brake levers about one foot and then send 'um out to be chromed.

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Nice Bill.


I know wher you took those at


Yo Dan. I was waiting for ya to send a post. :D


Yea, it's that new sub-division about 30+ miles North of town. :lolsmack: They sure cleaned things up in there. Moved all the old buildings into one group.

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