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Hey guys,



Ok I have to ask, mainly because I've catching some flack lately, but do any of you guys like having a good healthy selection of shoes?


Since I've been losing weight and actually caring about how I look for once. I have been trying to revamp my "style" I guess you could say. But since I'm still dropping weight and shrinking in diameter I can't keep buying pants, and jeans only to not fit in them a month later... Been there done that once, not doing it again. So I've just been stepping my shoe game up cuz I know I will fit in them even when after I lose weight.



My main shoe of choice is just the good old fashion Chuck Taylor! I have four pairs of lo-top chucks and catch crap all the time about it!


So am I the only one?




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Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one!


My shoe stock pile looks like this.


Work boots

Worn out DC's for work around the house

4 pairs of lo top chucks

2 pair of slip on vans

a pair of old skool vans

and a pair of converse that I have no idea what they're called but they look nice and they are comfy, so yeah lol!

My running shoes

And I have a brand new pair of red wing work boots but they hurt like hell so they just stay in the closet.


That's my stock pile!






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Matt @ Adams has 10x the shoes that my wife has.


Just sayin'.


At LEAST 74 pair of Nike.



I myself, have managed to buy two pair of shoes this month alone. Don't ask LOL. I don't collect, but I am starting to get a collection. I have shoes for just about everything...


Yardwork, washing, detailing, house shoes, brown casual, black casual, colder weather sneakers, trail shoes, hiking/work boots...Usually I wear whichever matches my shirt the best.



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Ha ha! I guess. I know people with many more. camaroGOODMAN has a nice amount too. I know him from a sneaker forum we used to be on. You get used to it and after a while it doesn't really seem like that many.

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I just got these haven't wore them yet. I always buy my shoes of nikeid so I can make every color. They take about a month to come but its worth it. You can choose what you want to write on them on the back of the shoe. I just do my last name.

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you guys are bad. I have 1 pair of nikes that I wear for basically everything and had them for a few years (need new ones). One cheap pair for work. 1 pair of work boots. 2 pair of hunting boots, cold and warm weather.

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