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Homemade Chinese Lambo!


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...and this is why I'll never buy a Chinese-made car... :willy::lol:


Homemade Lamborghini replica draws admiring glances from Chinese drivers - PhotoBlog


The articles says it will do 160mph! (but I seriously doubt that. Maybe 160kph).


Seriously doubt that as well... I'm guessing the cost to build was the cost of the car it sits on. What a POS!!

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Talking with one of the Corvette/GM engineers at Carlisle last weekend, I asked him why GM kept Buick and got rid of Pontiac. His reply: "because the emperor of China drives a Buick. And if the emperor drives one, it is a status symbol for the people to drive one too". They sell thousands there.


So does that mean that if the emperor drives one of these "Lambooboos", everyone else will follow? :lol::lol:

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