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Cool New Adam's Banner!


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He needs that big banner because he can't remember what to use when. :lol:


I had a feeling you were going to end up with that thing Chris...........and you certainly earned it and a whole lot more. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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I wasn't sure if it was glued as sometimes when you have a powerful RWD car, if that floor is just sitting there, that means spinning the tires a little too much while pulling out or even just in general if not weighted enough, would cause it to shift the floor around.

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How do you like the gladiator toolbox Chris? My old craftsman took a hit during the move, now 2 of the sliders are ruined. Since I already have the gladiator cabinets I was contemplating the toolbox to go with them.

I like it real well Dylan, I had an old craftsman as well & the Gladiator is made much nicer.

Keep watching Sears they put them on sale from time to time.:2thumbs:

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