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Invisible Undercarriage Spray



I cleaned up the wheel wells after replacing my brake calipers while I had my wheels off on the car was on a lift. I then sprayed IUS on the wheel wells. After they dried, there was quite a bit of streaking. It reccomended to spray again if this occured, so I did. They still look streaked. Did I do something wrong, or should I have done something else besides spray the mist on the surface? Should I have used a block sponge to spread it on? Any suggestions on getting rid of this streaking? I would like it to be just black in there. Because it is slick or slippery, I thought it would help keep the wheel wells cleaner.


Thanks in advance.

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What did you clean the wheel wells with?


I haven't had any issues with streaking. How thick of an application did you do? If you sprayed too much on, then the runs would creat streaks alone. If you have the ability to get in their with a block sponge to spread it evenly, do so!

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