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Installing New Spoiler


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Got my new Five Axis spoiler today for my FR-S with no instructions. The spoiler only adheres to the rear deck-lid with two sided tape (pre-installed)and an adhesive promoter.


Should I strip the Americana wax and 2 applications of MSS from the area I applied less than two weeks ago so the tape sticks to the paint only or just waterless wash the area and go for it?



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Yes! Definitely strip the wax and sealant where the spoiler will be adhering. If you don't, you run the risk of it not sticking and possibly falling off. Just do an IPA wipe down and you'll be good to install the spoiler. Scary that it's only double sided tape that holds it on, isn't it? Lol. That's how my center mount exhaust valance is. Haven't had any issues with it though.

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Thanks for all the good info. Matt...I wouldn't have thought to clay it. Anyways, I stripped, clayed and then wiped down real good. Dry fit and masked the outside edges with Adams new tape so I would know where to put the adhesive promoter. Wife helped me out and it's on there good and I highly doubt it will ever come off. Here's some pics. Thanks everyone!

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