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First time using Flex Machine E46 m3 white


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Thanks for the comments everyone.


Adam...it was easy...just gotta find my grove still on how to use it.


I used the after claybaring i used

severe swirl remover

Swirl and haze remover

Super Sealent

Butter glaze

Americana wax all adams products


Car fealt smooth and wetter then ever...but i still see a few swirl marks...maybe it needed another pass as i only did one pass of each? Trying to get that perfect look...any thoughts on how?

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M3's are sweet. We have an '09 we just picked up. I HATE working with their clear with a PC though. Takes FOREVER to remove swirls because the clear is so hard. Definitely a good choice to use the Flex.



And as i read this a new new m5 drives by me. DROOL

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