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Sooo a Carport jumped out in front of me!


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i won't go into any major details, or come up with an excuse of why it happend, but it did. big ol' truck in an itty bitty carport. i got too close and rubbed the pole holding it up.


here's the damage (please excuse the dirtyness... it was rainy and i had just travelled from H-town 550 miles to Midland :D)





the first thing i did was clean the truck and assess the damage. turns out most of it was black paint transfer from the pole. a pass with the clay bar got it all off. next thing was removing the small ding above and below the door molding. $100 to a local PDR guy and it was all fixed! i'm not a paint expert so i got in touch with a local guy who works out of a van and fixes minor repairs for dealerships as well as vinyl graphics. he prepped the molding for paint, taped it off, sanded it down, and filled in the voids with some plastic filler. All he charged me was $75!



more masking and its getting painted:



the finished product! all thats left is some wet sanding once its cured



i also had him redo my front bowtie while he had the paint in the gun. all that's left for it is some wet sanding and clean up some of the edges of the black trim where the white shouldn't be.



for the side mirror, a little Adam's love with a clay bar and detail spray got all the paint transfer out of the textured plastic. you can't really tell from the pic but there is still a very minor scuff on it. SVRT hides it well :D



now it's not back to 100% perfect, but it beats the $750 the body shop quoted me for non-PDR, replacing the molding and side mirror, and paint!!!!

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I'm lucky the PDR guy was able to get the ding out and I left the door moldings on when I debadged or else this would've had to go to a body shop!


The paint guy is coming back Monday to wet sand. After that, it'll be a good time to do my winter prep! I've got an interesting experiment I'm doing on the hood with some of my Adams stuff ill have to post next weekend before I detail the white stallion! :lolsmack:

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