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Questions after claying



Well Heres the scoop. New Mustang (Deep Impact Blue) Started out with Klasse then found the Adams group! Striped the wax then applied Americana .After waxing I noticed the hood was covered with what appeared as over spray. Now being brand new I didnt even think to check for that! Evidently my son had spray painted in the garage! Anyways grabbed the clay bar and detail spray and did the hood,front bumper.Proceeded to re wax with Americana. What do I need to do to get rid of some of the marks left by clay baring the hood.They are not bad but being the rest of the car is great I need to fix that hood. By the way its going to be done by hand,the polisher is on the christmas list I am told!

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What do I need to do to get rid of some of the marks left by clay baring the hood.


Please explain what the marks are that were left by the clay. Is it marring or scratching? Or simply clay residue left by the clay bar?


If it's marring or scratching you'll need to polish that out as stated above.


If it's residue left over from the clay bar; Detail Spray wipe down, a good washing or Revive Hand polish should do the trick.


Oh, and I now do the baggie test on every car prior to waxing. You'd be surprised at how many brand new cars need a thorough claying!

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