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Hi All!


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We are Weaver Customs. A custom hot rod and fabrication shop in Sandy, Utah.

We originally met up with the Adam's team at a Good Guys show! It was love at first sight! Their people, products and processes are what makes our customs look so awesome!

Also, we love talking cars! We've been building for over 15 years and love to help out anyone we can!

Looking forward to being a part of the Adam's Forums and sharing ideas and swapping stories....cause if it ain't fun...it ain't worth it!!!!

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Sydney, Randy, and Len build some of the absolutely most stunning, drooly, pick your jaw up, gonna need a minute, cars and trucks!


Evidenced by the Godfather, they truly know how to build a car, and maintain it the right way! You all should see Sydney rock a Flex...she'll dance circles around you!


It was certainly a blessing we were able to meet at the Loveland Good Guys show, and I look forward to the exciting things to come!


ALSO! Weavercustoms is a re-seller, so if you are in Utah or close by, give them a call!




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Welcome to the forum Sydney and the crew at Weaver Customs. Although I have to make a complaint. You and your company have caused lots of damage to our computers, tablets and cell phones here on the forum from all the drooling going on recently :D


Keep up the awesome work and we can't wait to see more of those rides.

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