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Thanks Ryan!


I've had this car since 1980. It was in typical 11 year old used car condition. After saving some $$, I did a frame on restoration back in 1986.


Over the years I've maintained it as best as I could. Then engine was out once, and the interior has been replaced again since 1986.


It gets driven to all shows and cruises. Driving it is great, and I also like to detail it. After hanging out on this site, I've decided to do a paint correction. It still shines extremely well, but has some scratches from 26 years of wiping, waxing, and what not. But it does not have severe issues that I've seen on some show cars. :eek:

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The judges must have been paid off, because that things a beaut!! I bought a 69 SS 396 brand new when I got out of the Navy and loved that car. Wish I still had it. You've got a real keeper there. Congratulations on the gorgeous ride! :rockon:

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