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Water on Carpet

Neil Broeker


So I get a call from a potential client stated she had a gallon or more of water spilt in the rear of her van. The majority went on the floor mats. She vacuumed and dried what she could, but is however worried that the water penetrated into the pad below and a mildew smell occurring on a hot day. I have been asked to take a look at it and see what I can do. My first thoughts are to use Carpet and Upholstery cleaner and the hot water extractor that I own. Any other thoughts? Thanks.

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if it has soaked into the padding below the carpet, your extractor won't pick it up.


i've had something similar like this occur in my old truck. i ended up taking the seats out and removing the carpet so it could air dry.


that might be more extensive on a van, but if you remove a few panels from the back to where you can lift the carpet to inspect that would be my first step. if you have a shop vac and can squeeze that in between the body and the carpet that would work best.

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Yep, Dehumidifier! My oldest daughter left my wifes sunroof open one night and it rained 2+ inches: cup holders were overflowing with water. I removed the floor mats soaked up as much as I could with towels and the shop vac and backed the car up to the garage door with our dehumidifier running on full with the car all closed up.







Damp Rid on the floor every night for a week or two.



And large Desiccant bags under both front seats and in the spare tire well ever since.


This happened Memorial Day 2011 and there is no mildew smell in this car: I have a pretty good sniffer, I work in the dairy industry and am trained to identify odors. My daughter hasn't driven the since!!!

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