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CTS-V Coupe Custom Colors


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Just saw this and thought I would share.


Cadillac CTS Adds Colorful Limited Edition Models


Stealth Blue Edition looks awesome, I know the color isnt for everyone but I think one in that color with smoked out windows would be sick. I'd definitely go for a wagon manual V in that color for sure. Hope everyones having a good week!

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Saw a 2 door in like a LeMans Blue a few years ago and it was killer. This new blue I wouldn't walk across the street to look at. Not for me.

I have been trying to get a deal on this thing for my DD from the local dealer, but he's only offering me 10,000 on my SS. The one I'm looking at has better wheels and a sunroof.



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I'd take the silver frost one as it sits! :rockon:


Not too big of fan of that blue, and I like Blue, but I'll hold back final judgement until I get a up close and personal look.:D


Sure makes me miss "Sally."





and that blue is "Blue Chip"



Shine On


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