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Lloyd's Mats Review

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I had been on the fence for awhile about purchasing a set of these mats for my TBSS. I've seen a lot of custom mats where the embroidery would be very lose and feel they would come of the mat. When Adam's had a daily special on them a few weeks back I decided to pull the trigger and buy a set just for the front.


I decided to go with the Ultimat, I couldn't justify the Luxe Mat for my 60k mile TBSS that has seen some wear. The mats are Ebony with a Black SS logo and a white outline. After seeing these I want to get a blank set for the rear to match the front and a cargo mat with the SS logo as well.




Even though these aren't Lloyd's top of the line mat I really pleased with how plush and thick they are. I can't say enough about the SS logo, it's the perfect size and high quality. I like that the mats come with holes for your factory hooks, unfortunately my TBSS does not come with hooks. However, I believe Lloyds make hooks to put in your carpet. The backing material has enough grip to prevent you mat from sliding on your carpet as well.


Awesome product. Made in the USA and back by Adam's. You can't get any better than that.


Here's some shots of my mats.


Aren't they awesome?




Beautiful embroidery







Made in the USA



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This is the only part I'm confused about.


"Plus every set of Ultimats comes with a factory compatible anchoring system, or Lloyd's mat anchors to keep your mats in place for safe operation of your vehicle."


I know some Trailblazers came with factory anchors but mine didn't. Was I suppose to request a set when I ordered them? I know it wasn' an option when ordering.

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I've had mine for over 2 years now. My only issue is that the backing of the mats come off. It gets in the carpet and generally makes a mess. Tried contacting the manufacturer but since I got them from the dealer I'm supposed to go through them, which I won't do. I mean they have the sewn in Lloyd's badge. Other than that, they're great.

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I ordered mats for both the wife's new car and mine. Since the Cleveland area has such beautiful winter weather, I went with RubberTite for winter mats. I ordered them during the Valentine's Day special, they were delivered yesterday. I am impressed with the fit, we'll see how they hold up.






Now if you'll excuse me, I see some dirt in the footwells I need to go clean...

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