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Adam's products in a dealership?!

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So I'm sitting at one of my local GM dealerships getting my wife's oil changed...fun things happening here. :) When I passed the parts store, I saw GM waxes and so forth but no Adam's. Has Adam's ever been offered in a dealership for customers to buy given their licensing with GM? If not, any reason why not?

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We're definitely trying to get into all dealerships, but at the moment we're focusing on the top Corvette/Camaro dealers in the US to figure out the 'program' and how it works. We are currently in a number of dealerships throughout the US, but not wide spread enough (yet) to make a formal announcement.


Also, you have to consider dealerships are like franchises. Just b/c we're licensed by GM doesn't mean the dealers have to carry us. Each dealer makes its own decisions about what products are used/sold on their lot.

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Shouldn't be if its a GM licensed product.


I think what it boils down to is it may be a licensed product by GM but since every dealer is independently owned/operated its ultimately going to be up to them. Most dealers are going to have your average run of the mill customers that are just gonna do a hard brissel improper wash, dry or even wax. Not only that most automotive owners that dont have the drive to really achieve a really nice quality finish on there car, most is just a typical wash and maybe a regular wax with a cheap microfiber. Also adams is into the camaro/corvette dealers because your gonna have ALOT better turnover on products that people wont mind buying at a noticably higher price than a comparible automotive cleaning source because of the car they are purchasing and upkeeping. The price point is also a big thing in general, your typical customer walks in and sees a meguier's paste carnuba wax for $25 and adams americana for $60-80 there gonna 9/10 times choose the mequier's due to alot lower price point and not really knowing in detail what the adams really has for the price compared to other brands. Being in retail in the end people really only care about price most of the time. Just my $.02

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